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Personality and BDSM: Are They Related?

People who play dominant roles in BDSM encounters tend to have dominant personalities, according to the results of a recent Journal of Sexual Medicine study. 

The study included 279 BDSM practitioners. About a quarter played dominant roles, 38% played submissive roles, and 37% switched between dominant and submissive roles, depending on the situation. 

Each participant completed the dominance scale of the Personality Assessment Inventory (PAI) as well as the Interpersonal Reactivity Index (IRI), which addresses empathy. 

People in dominant roles were more likely to have higher scores on the PAI (indicating greater dominance in personality) compared to those in switch or submissive roles. Submissive practitioners had the lowest scores. 

There were no differences in empathy scores among the groups. 

The authors noted that dominant personality traits might not always be evident. 

"Although there are differences in interpersonal dominance, these characteristics are not likely to be prominent in individuals' everyday interactions," they wrote. 

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