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FDA Panel Recommends Approval of Flibanserin

Yesterday, an FDA advisory panel recommended the approval of flibanserin, a drug developed for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD), in the United States.  

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Testosterone Levels Do Not Predict Stroke Risk: Study

A team of Johns Hopkins researchers has found that a man's testosterone levels are not directly associated with his risk for atherosclerosis, individual cardiac events, or death.

However, testosterone can influence a man's risk factors for these events, including higher body mass index, diabetes, and hypertension.

The study involved 1,558 men between the ages of 45 and 64. All of the men were participants in the larger Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities (ARIC) study, which began in 1987. 

The researchers analyzed testosterone levels in light of carotid intima media thickness (cIMT), cardiovascular events, death from heart problems, and death from any cause. 

They discovered associations between testosterone and risk factors for heart disease and stroke.  But they did not find an association between testosterone and the events themselves. 

"Our results are reassuring that neither high nor low [testosterone] levels directly predict atherosclerosis, but are a marker for other cardiovascular risk factors,” the authors wrote.

The study was first published online in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism. Please click here to learn more. 

4th ICSM - Join Us in Madrid!

It's almost time for the 4th International Consultation on Sexual Medicine!  The conference will be held June 19 - 21, 2015 in Madrid 

We hope you'll join us at the MeliĆ” Castilla hotel for this productive and informative program, which includes sessions on male and female sexual dysfunction, experimental models, diagnostics, treatments, and more.

Click here to register today!

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