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God Bless Wild Bill

William "Wild Bill" Guarnere's, one of the World War II veterans, story was made famous by the TV miniseries "Band of Brothers," has died. He was 90.

"Guarnere, whose combat exploits earned him his nickname, lost his leg while trying to help a wounded solider during the Battle of the Bulge. His commendations included the Silver Star, two Bronze Stars and two Purple Hearts."

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Special Operations for America Chairman Gary Stubblefield talks with Patrick Howley from the Daily Caller during the latest radio show.

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A Sense of Entitlement in the Eyes of Mark Pryor.

During a recent interview on Morning Joe, Senator Mark Pryor decided to share his real opinion on Tom Cotton and his military record.

"No. ...In the Senate we have all kinds of different people, all kinds of different folks, that have come from all kinds of different backgrounds. I think that's part of this sense of entitlement that he gives off, almost like I served my country, therefore let me into the Senate. That's not how it works in Arkansas."

Say that again Mr. Pryor? Are you not the son of former Arkansas Senator and Governor David Pryor. 

Clearly, Senator Pryor is feeling the heat and can't take much more.

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