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Latest News from the ISSM - September 18, 2020 Member Login
Congratulations to ISSM Election Winners!

We are pleased to announce the results of the 2020 ISSM Elections in which members selected our next ISSM Secretary General and two Members at Large in the ISSM Board of Directors. Thank you to all of our ISSM members who voted!

Secretary General

We congratulate Dr. Kwangsung Park of South Korea, as he received the majority of the votes. He will assume his position on the ISSM Board of Directors on September 18, 2020.

2 Members at Large

Dr. Sandrine Atallah of Lebanon and Dr. Yutian Dai of China received the most votes. We thank all candidates for their willingness to serve our organization, and we congratulate Dr. Atallah and Dr. Dai, who will assume their new roles on September 18, 2020.

Communication a Key to Relationship Satisfaction

For young, heterosexual couples, communication is essential to a satisfying relationship, according to new research. 

In a July 2020 Journal of Sexual Medicine study, scientists investigated the roles of sexual communication and frequency in both sexual and relationship satisfaction among 126 couples aged 18 to 30 years. 

Both sexual frequency and communication predicted sexual satisfaction among the couples, but only communication predicted relationship satisfaction. 

More details on the study are available here. 

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