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Hysterectomy Might Improve Sex, Study Suggests

For most women, having a hysterectomy has little effect on their sexual function, according to a recent Journal of Sexual Medicine study. 

Researchers from Israel analyzed previous studies on the sexual implications of hysterectomy for benign reasons, which improve quality of life. 

They found that most women did not develop sexual dysfunction as a result of surgery, even after considering the type of surgery and whether the cervix was removed along with the uterus. 

In fact, some women felt that sex improved after surgery, especially if it resolved symptoms like pain, incontinence, abnormal bleeding, and bowel issues. 

Some women did report changes in genital sensation, but these were "comparatively minor," the authors said. 

Changes in body image could have emotional and sexual effects, they added. Women may feel less complete once their uterus has been removed. 

Clinicians should counsel women on the "medical and psychological benefits" of hysterectomy before surgery, the authors explained. 

For more details on the study, please click here. 

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