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Keep Our Dream Alive!

We are nearly at 3/4 of our end of year fundraising goal! All money raised is used for medical needs, spay/neuter, supporting our pet food bank, spreading the No Kill message, and so much more!

Give today and take the donation off your taxes in 2013! Click here to give online now or mail your donation to PO Box 6655, Louisville, KY, 40206.

Donate now and help us keep the dream of a No Kill community alive!

The Future of NKL

Our current president, Jessica Reid, is stepping down on December 31. Over the next six to eight months, she'll be focused on working with JB Ogle Animal Shelter to help them fulfill their No Kill pledge. To volunteer for this effort or learn more, email Jessica now!

Meanwhile, we're looking for new board members and a new leader as we head into 2013. Want to give your time to fulfilling our No Kill dream at this pivotal point in our history? Head here now to learn more and fill out an application for board member and/or to serve as president of No Kill Louisville.

Happy Holidays from NKL!