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Volunteers: Our Unsung Heroes

When Lorenzo Segura’s son became a CICS Bucktown student at the start of the 2014-2015 school year, Lorenzo already knew his way around the school and was excited to have his son join him. While Lorenzo isn’t technically a school employee, he has definitely put in plenty of hours as a volunteer team member and was already a valued member of the CICS Bucktown community when his son joined him. Mr. Segura began volunteering at Bucktown last year because he had three nephews attending and he simply noticed that, “they could use a hand.” This simple recognition of, and response to, community need is what makes for good family members, friends, neighbors, and volunteers. Full story...


Blazing the Technological Trail

CICS West Belden was honored to join other trailblazing education innovators at a LEAP Innovations showcase event on December 8. There, our team of administrators, teachers, parents, and students demonstrated the Lexia Core 5 program used in kindergarten through 5th grade at our CICS West Belden campus. Held at Chicago’s Merchandise Mart, the event featured guest speakers James Shelton (Deputy Secretary of the US Department of Education... read more...

Parent Profile: Dilma Moran, CICS Prairie

This month, we interview Dilma Moran of CICS Prairie. 

What grade is your child in at CICS Prairie?
Abigail Moran is in kindergarten. Her teacher is Ms. Muhich.

How did you choose CICS Prairie for your child’s education?
I selected CICS Prairie because my older children attended the school. I wanted my daughter to experience the same level or an even higher level of education than my older children did. Full interview...


Every Minute, Every Day

Listen to the new CICS Irving Park school song!

News from the Schools

CICS Bucktown debuts Fiestas NavideƱas family event.

CICS Irving Park holds its annual Secret Puma Drive.

CICS Jackson helps the community this holiday season. 

CICS Prairie students sing, dance at Winter Wonderland show. 

CICS West Belden families enjoy Breakfast with Santa event.