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Cameron Clyne @ the Crescent Club

The Crescent Club was proud to welcome Mr Cameron Clyne, CEO of National Australia Bank on Monday 18th June 2012 to present at the 3rd installment of the Crescent Club Executive Series. Again we thank our gracious hosts, Corrs Chambers Westgarth and especially Michael Chaya, a Partner in the firm's corporate advisory practice.

Some may not know this but Cameron was the youngest ever partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers, at age 26. And, at 40, he was made NAB's youngest ever CEO.

After taking over as CEO, one of the first things Cameron Clyne did was to pull down the partitions separating workers. And he sits at a work station similar to that of his 35,000+ staff. It's this kind of approach that seems to set him apart (well, in addition to being 198 centimetres and requiring the mic to be adjusted when he speaks!). 

The Crescent Club audience heard directly from Cameron Clyne as he spoke openly about his time growing up in Sydney's west and his thoughts on career development and leadership, especially whilst working at large multi-national corporations.

Mr Clyne also discussed his thoughts on the importance of senior management being engaged with their staff on all levels ensuring that their comments and feedback were paramount in building a strong consumer brand which ultimately reflected in dealings with customers. He used recent marketing campaigns to highlight the success of this method. He demonstrated how organisations need to not only focus on shorter-term bottom-line targets but concurrently engage staff to build a positive customer image.

The Crescent Club team would like to thank Cameron Clyne for taking time out of his extremely busy schedule and speak at the Executive Series. We would also like to thank those who attended, making last Monday evening’s event a resounding success. The feedback has been quite overwhelming.

Finally the Crescent Club team has organised an exciting upcoming event for September, hosting the Premier of NSW, Mr Barry O’Farrell – an event not to be missed.

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