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REELER Insights

Design anthropology is an emergent field at the intersection of human and design activity. Aligned closely to the humanistic inquiry of design studies, concerns in design anthropology include the design of technologies to enhance human skills, how design helps define what it means to be human, and how diverse human values are translated into design. In REELER, our ethnographic fieldwork touches upon these concerns and will thus contribute to the field of design anthropology. (Read more about design anthropology and other relevant themes in the REELER Library.)

Spotlight on REELER Researchers

REELER researchers Ben Vermeulen and Andreas Pyka of University of Hohenheim (in collaboration with Jan Kesselhut, University of Hohenheim, and Pier Paolo Saviotti, University of Utrecht) have published a paper related to their work in REELER. Their paper unfolds some of the expected economic and social effects of robot implementation: The Impact of Automation on Employment: Just the Usual Structural Change?

New contributions to Working Paper Series 
REELER researchers Stephan Hansen and Jessica Sorenson, from Aarhus University, have completed their master's theses in connection with their work in the REELER project. Stephan writes about product development in his ethnographic study, Situational pragmatic actions and strategies in everyday technological development. Jessica explores decisions and values in her ethnographic study of Engineering design as a pragmatic and sociomaterial negotiation process.

Upcoming events

Robot Expert Panel II, September 4, Milan, Italy

REELER has invited roboticists from around Europe to our REP II event to engage in a workshop and panel discussion with REELER researchers. A professional sociodramatist from the UK will lead participants in a dramatic action process to explore how we (roboticists, stakeholders, politicymakers, and social scientists) might better understand the impacts of robots in society. (Read about our previous REP here.)

Partners and funding

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