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Merry Christmas!

On December 25th from 7 pm to 9 pm inspirational, festive music will be playing in Centennial Park. While the Museum will not be open, we invite the public to stroll the paths and enjoy the music and atmosphere.

Featured Artist: Shirley Lueck

Shirley Lueck has been wowing local residents with her pottery expertise for years. As an active member of Edson's Pottery Club, Shirley always has a fresh selection of pieces to exibit at various craft and art shows in the area. We are very happy to be one of this talented potter's regular haunts and are always excited to show off her hard work. 

Stop by the gift shop this holiday season for her newest collection of serving platters, mini plates, magnets and jewellery.

That's a Wrap, Santa

Santa was a jolly hit on December 6th with 65+ children and their families coming out to visit him.  Goodies, crafts and face-painting rounded off the afternoon. Photos, courtesy of Giles Merriott, are now posted for free download on our homepage: www.gallowaystationmuseum.com