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Sensible Sentencing Group Trust registered as a charity

The independent Charities Registration Board has registered the Sensible Sentencing Group Trust (SSGT) as a charity. 

The General Manager of Charities Services, which supports the independent Board’s processes, Lesa Kalapu, has provided the following context for its decision, to assist other organisations that may be considering applying for registration:

“The changed approach, which has enabled the registration of the Sensible Sentencing Trust Group reflects a change in the rules and activities of the SSGT, not a change in charities law or the way it is applied.

“The SSGT no longer has political aims that prevent its registration as a charity.

“It submitted a new application with amended rules and information about its activities, which was assessed on its own merits, and resulted in registration as a charity. Another entity called “The Sensible Sentencing Trust”, has non-charitable political advocacy aims that mean it is still ineligible to be registered as a charity.

“Registration of the SSGT does not signal any change in the law, or the way in which the law is applied by the Board or those acting on delegated authority from the Board.  Every application for registration is assessed on its own merits, applying current law.

“Charities Services monitors charities to be sure that they remain charitable and are not engaged in fulfilling or funding non-charitable political aims, contrary to their own rules and the law”.