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RFID Outclasses Manual Furniture Inventory System at USC

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The University of Southern California (USC) housing office knew its housing facilities, on and off campus, had upwards of 60,000 pieces of furniture and appliances. Until recently, the housing office staff went through each room or unit once a year or semester, counting and identifying every piece of furniture, and writing down what was missing or required repair or maintenance. But 2011, the college began working with the CSL CS101 handheld readers to manage inventory and RFID read data.

After employing six temporary workers to apply RFID tags to every asset within all of the housing units and inputing data about those items into an RFID software, the school began equipping its housing health and safety inspectors with CS101 readers. The inspectors enter each housing unit or room once a semester (typically while students are on holiday) and examine the working conditions of smoke detectors, appliances and electrical plugs, identifying any potential safety issues. Now, they also use the RFID reader to capture asset inventory information. The handheld can read up to 90 tags per second at a range of 20 feet.

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Volkswagen Group’s Uruguayan Importer Improves Efficiency Through RFID

For the past four years, Julio Cesar Lestido S.A., the official Uruguayan importer of cars and trucks manufactured by the Volkswagen Group, has been employing passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID tags to track the metal tools it uses to maintain vehicles.

The RFID company tested multiple passive UHF RFID tags before opting for a customized version of Convergence Systems Ltd.‘s Omni-ID Prox CS7310 tag. CSL’s CS461 reader and antennas were also installed and staff members were provided with badges containing built-in CSL Omni-ID Prox tags. When an individual approaches the tool area, the reader captures that person’s badge tag ID and unlocks a door, thereby enabling him to enter. When the employee leaves the room, the interrogator again captures the badge’s ID, as well as that of each tool he is carrying, thereby creating a record that management can access at any time.

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