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Studies Discuss Testosterone's Effects on Memory, Bone Density, Anemia, and Heart Disease

Researchers have investigated the effects of testosterone therapy on memory, bone density, anemia, and coronary artery plaque volume. 

The trials were part of the 7-study Testosterone Trials, which involved men over age 65 who had been diagnosed with low testosterone due to aging.  The results were published in February by JAMA and JAMA Internal Medicine. 

For each study, men were randomly assigned to use either a testosterone gel or a placebo gel for one year. 

Testosterone therapy did not appear to improve memory or cognitive function in men with age-associated memory impairment. However, it was associated with improvements in bone mineral density and strength. 

In addition, anemic men who took testosterone saw their hemoglobin levels rise. In the heart disease trial, men in the testosterone group had increases in coronary artery plaque volume. 

Further details on the trials, including the authors' suggestions, are available here. 

ISSM Scholarships - ESSM School of Sexual Medicine

The ISSM is pleased announce that ten scholarships for the ESSM School of Sexual Medicine are available. The program will be held October 27 – November 5, 2017 in Budapest, Hungary.

The program is intended for clinicians seeking to acquire the knowledge and skills essential for practice in sexual medicine and clinical sexology. Medically-qualified participants should find the program helpful when preparing for the Fellowship of the European Committee of Sexual Medicine examination (more information: www.mjcsm.org).

The scholarships will cover the full amount of the registration fee, which includes tuition, meals, and accommodations. ISSM scholars will need to pay for their own travel and any additional expenses.

Scholarships are available only to first-time attendees who are members of the ISSM. Please click here for complete information, including all eligibility requirements.  Applications must be received by June 1, 2017.

For more information on the ESSM School of Sexual Medicine please visit http://www.essm.org/.

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