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Researchers Develop Pump-Free Penile Implant

Researchers from the Southern Illinois School of Medicine have developed a new type of penile implant.

The prosthesis is made of a shape-memory alloy containing nickel and titanium and is activated with a handheld magnetic inductor.

The new system allows for patients to get an erection without contact with implant. 

Currently, inflatable implants that include a pump and reservoir are the most common. However, the components can be difficult for surgeons to place in some patients. And some men have trouble activating the pump. 

The scientists presented their findings at the American Urological Association's annual meeting, held in May in New Orleans.

They are planning to test the device in animals, Medscape Medical News reported. 

More information on the study can be found here. 

Testosterone Deficiency: ISSM Issues Process of Care Press Statement

Last month, the ISSM released a statement on the newly-developed Process of Care for the Assessment and Management of Testosterone Deficiency in Adult Men:

There are many misconceptions and unknowns about testosterone deficiency (TD) in the medical community and the general population. A paper recently published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine provides much-needed and up-to-date guidance for the assessment and management of testosterone deficiency in adult males.

Testosterone deficiency may affect the function of many different body systems, and result in significant detriment in quality of life, including alterations in sexual function. Busy physicians and patients need guidance to deal with practical, clinical problems on a day-to-day basis. Available authoritative guidance documents were rather dated and/or targeted at a specialist audience. As such the International Society for Sexual Medicine (ISSM) convened an internationally respected and authoritative professional ‘expert panel’ meeting to develop a new guidance document that is now accessible and relevant to all physicians.

Please click here to read the complete statement.

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