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March 25 - April 8, 2013

Volume 1. Issue 11.

Dear ,

As the semester flies by we continue to recognize all of your hard work. A special congratulations to the University Chorale for their participation in the Sesquicenntenial Symphony this past Saturday! As you approach the end of the semester, be sure to take a moment for yourself and to reflect on your day (the weekly Examen Reflection may help!). Before you know it, summer (and hopefully the sunshine) will be here!

Have a great (long) Easter Weekend!

- The Student Organization Team


The Student Assembly election season is almost here. This is a great opportunity for you to advocate for your organization, class, or school, and to become more engaged in UGBC. If you are interested in running for a position it is not to late to run! Sign up on myBC. The deadline to complete the form is Tuesday at 5:00pm and Student Assembly campaigning begins on Wednesday. Elections will be Thursday, April 4th and Friday, April 5th.

Also, this is a reminder that MAY NOT endorse candidates. Individuals may endorse candidates and position titles may be shared. For example, saying "I, , president of , endorse candidate X" is appropriate, but saying " endorses candidate X" is not allowed.


Presidents - Let your Treasurer know!

The last day to submit a budget to the SOFC will be Friday, April 12 at 12:00pm.

All financial forms and paperwork (reimbursements, vendor forms, etc) must be submitted to the Student Programs Office by end of business day on Monday, April 29.

Training Update

May 3, 2013 -- All 30 Training Credits must be completed by this date to remain in good standing with the Student Programs Office.

Presidents will receive a message soon with the consequences of not completing training and a current summary for your organization. In the meantime, go to the training website for more information.


Be Informed. Be Engaged. Be a Voice. -- It's not too late!

We would like to know how civically engaged you are and are offering another easy way to receive credit for your organization. If 4 members of complete this survey (click here) you will receive 1 Civic Engagement credit. Make sure you complete the full survey to receive credit. No post-event form needed!

4 Members x 5 Minutes = 20 minutes for 1 credit


To Go Training Menu -- The last day to set up a to-go training for your organization is Monday, April 1.

If you have already been in contact with the Office of Health Promotion, the Career Center, or BC Leaders about having a to-go optoin come to your meeting, you must  have a confirmed date for training in April.

Contact Betsy Cook for a 2 credit Health and Wellness session on: 

  • Alcohol and Drug Education
  • Bystander Education
  • Girl Talk
  • Healthy Eating
  • Stress Management
  • Time Management
  • Worry Well

Contact Jessica Hartley for a 2 credit Leadership session on:

  • Translating Leadership Experience for a Resume
  • Using Organization Experience in an Interview
  • Summer Internships
  • LinkedIn for the Job and Interview Search
  • Career Center Overview
  • Networking Tips

Contact Emily Hess for a 3 credit Leadership training on:

  • Motivating People
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Dealing with Controversy
  • Creating a Vision


Get Involved!

ALC Showdown Pep Rally

March 26, 4:00p, O'Neill Plaza

ALC Showdown 2013 is the largest event ALC Programming hosts each year. This year, they will be collaborating with AHANA Caucus and Arts Council to make the pep rally a great success. Come for dance workshops hosted by last year's winners, fun activities , and a poster making station for people to make signs in support of their favorite teams. ALC Programming would like to get as many people as possible informed and excited for what we believe will be the best Showdown Programming has hosted yet.

Student Organization Spotlight

Black Experience Through Song (BEATS) and the Dynamics perform for their annual Spring Show.

Did You Know?

Are you a graduating senior?  You are no doubt trying to decide what you will do next year, or even for the next 5 years. Consider a job with MASSPIRG. www.uspirg.org/jobs

With U.S. PIRG, you can actually get paid to take on and solve the problems our country faces; from advocating for policies that will protect consumers from big bank and credit card rip-offs, to educating citizens and students about energy efficiency, and increasing participation in democracy. MASSPIRG is part of a federation of state-based public interest advocacy groups. And working together we have a much greater opportunity to make a difference. We have a 40-year track record of organizing on these issues, and, we’re hiring graduating seniors to jump right in and make a critical impact as a campus organizer or in our fellowship program.

Learn more about both of these positions at www.uspirg.org/jobs.

We will be holding an information session on March 25th at 6pm in 305 Gasson Hall and interviews on the 26th. I encourage you to find out more and apply! For more information check out our website, or send an email to Isabelle Goodman isabelle@masspirgstudents.org