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Report says co-op fuel stations "very important" in the face of unaffordable transport costs

Electric car charging station

The Parliament of Victoria released its report on the inquiry into fuel prices in regional areas. It found Victorian towns are at risk of losing their service stations and should be provided with assistance to set up co-ops to take over their own fuel provision. The report outlined the impressive precedents set by Yackandandah and Kaniva.

This is an important issue across the country. BCCM member RACQ has found Brisbane families are being ripped off $50m a year by fuel stations, and are spending 16% of their income on fuel. 

Co-operatives the Answer for Affordable Energy

The Boomalli Ten

Continuing with the theme of affordability, The Australia Insitute last month detailed in a new report how Tasmania can fast-track the development of community-owned energy generators in Tasmania. This would lower the cost of power, promote the social licence of wind energy and facilitate improved energy and climate policy, the report says. 

This month Nick Xenephon also embraced the co-op model for lowering energy cost. His party announced it would seek to reduce power bills by 20% within two years by introducing an energy retail co-op. 

Want to Start a Co-op? Australia's Now has an Online Course


BCCM has supported the development of an animated guide to help people to form co-operatives.

Available through Farming Together, the course comprises six, 10-minute video lessons with quizzes. While it is designed for agricultural groups, it is relevant for other potential co-ops ─ such as housing or energy co-ops ─ anywhere in Australia. Complete the entire course and pass the tests and participants will receive certification from Farming Together.

South Australia Announces an Employee-led Mutual - An Australian First


The South Australian government has announced it will support the establishment of an employee-owned social welfare business delivering Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) services for the National Disability Insurance Agency. This follows longstanding advocacy on the issue by BCCM

The Labour Party in the UK also recently committed to putting "democratically owned and managed public services irreversibly in the hands of workers, and of those who rely on their work". The statement was made by shadow chancellor John McDonnell, who was announcing the commission of a report into how to double the UK co-operative sector

Slogan for 2018 International Day of Co-operatives Announced

With "sustainable consumption and production of goods and services" as theme in mind, co-operators from around the world were invited to participate in selecting the International Day of Co-operatives (#CoopsDay) slogan unveiled today.

The slogan chosen? Sustainable societies through co-operation

The day is celebrated each year on 7 of July. Watch out for events near you!

bHive Bendigo launch prospectus

bHive Bendigo, Australia's first cooperatively owned sharing economy platform, has launched its prospectus to raise $140,000. 

This important project would help redefine the future economy, using tech to compliment community and keeping control and benefits in the hands of users. Check out BCCM's submisison to the government's Future of Work Inquiry for more. 

Recent research shows the alternative to be unsustainable: businesses such as Uber "are being subsidized by [venture capital] money … And the drivers are essentially subsidizing it by working for very low wages”.

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For all the latest news from the co-operative and mutual sector, please visit the BCCM website and for information on how to run and set up a co-operative, visit Get Mutual.