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Black History is Our History

On Friday, February 20, in front of a packed CICS West Belden gymnasium, 8th grader Maria Villada approached the microphone, cleared her throat, and began sharing with the entire school, a brief lesson on how Black History Month came into being. This was Maria’s first in-person presentation, but she had been reading African American history facts over the intercom system during morning announcements each day in February. This February, and every February, Distinctive Schools celebrates the rich, and sometimes painful, history of African Americans in the United States... Full story...

Commitment Spotlight: Academic Excellence

Every child comes from a unique set of circumstances, has his or her own learning style, and ultimately learns at his or her own pace. As we examine our core commitment of academic excellence, we look at the latest movement in education, one toward personalized learning, through the lens of our CICS West Belden campus. Full story...

Distinctive Schools Music Festival

Our music programs at CICS Irving Park, CICS Prairie, and CICS West Belden have united to deliver three special performances that celebrate the multicultural magic of music! 

Watch video highlights from this week's show. 

View pictures from the event on our Facebook page.

The next performance is March 2 (10:30 a.m.) at CICS Irving Park.

Parent Profile: Mr. & Mrs. Carreno

This month, we interview Ebertina and Horacio Carreno, whose child Ashley attends CICS West Belden.

The Carrenos describe why they chose CICS West Belden and how they support ther child's education at home. Read the interview...

News from the Schools

CICS Bucktown would like to introduce you to Abe.

CICS Irving Park has produced their best 'Pridecast' yet!

CICS Jackson 3rd graders create life cycle projects.

CICS Prairie supports the 'Handfuls of Love' campaign!

CICS West Belden students design video games.