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Alert over insulin withdrawal from pen devices

A national alert has been issued about the threat of severe harm and death from withdrawing insulin from pen devices.

A Patient Safety Alert warning NHS providers about using insulin needles and syringes to administer the drug directly from a pen device or replacement cartridge has been released to avoid insulin overdoses. To read more, click here

Diabetes nurses say profession at 'breaking point'

Almost four out of five diabetes specialist nurses believe their workload is impacting on patient safety and care, according to a survey.

The profession is at “breaking point” and urgent action needs to be taken to recruit and develop more diabetes specialist nurses (DSNs) to avert a crisis of care, Diabetes UK, which commissioned the poll, has said. To read more, click here

The Big Interview – Professor Melanie Davies CBE

Professor Melanie Davies CBE is professor of diabetes medicine at the University of Leicester and co-founder of the Leicester Diabetes Centre, an international centre of excellence in diabetes research, education and innovation.

Find out what her thoughts are on type 2 prevention and what her thoughts are on education. To read the interview, click here

Hinchingbrooke scoops national award for hypo campaign

Hinchingbrooke Hospital has won a prestigious national award for raising awareness of a diabetes complication.

The hospital has been presented with the Excellence Award for its management of a “significant campaign” during Hypo Awareness Week, which highlights hypoglycaemia where blood sugar drops below normal levels. To read more, click here.

Global type 1 chid care programme extended

A programme which provides children wth type 1 diabetes around the world free access to insulin and treatment has been extended.

 To read more, click here