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13 October 2020


Have you nominated for Synod membership?

Our Synod meeting will be held 11 – 13 February 2021.  Each presbytery will appoint 60 members. Please contact your presbytery to nominate. Synod membership needs to be finalised by the first week in November.

Presbytery contacts can be found here


This week in New Times Online

Urgent request for Refugee support

In South Australia, we now have 20 households (60 people) who are in extreme stress at having to find a job and rental accommodation within three weeks.

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The Journey of a Syrian Refugee

Three years ago, Mtanios (Tony) fled his home in Tartus, a seaside city in Syria, with his wife Suhair and their two sons. They arrived in Adelaide as refugees and tried to build a new life in Australia.

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Safe Church Update

October 22nd will mark the second anniversary of the apology to the survivors of institutional abuse. This has not been an easy space for the Church.


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UnitingCare SA partners with Meals on Wheels

Dishing out assistance ... Meals on Wheels has been a source of companionship, as well as food, for the elderly during the pandemic.

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Upcoming Events

Upcoming events:

  • Beyond the Religion of the Old Testament - Judaism Today - Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky >>>
  • Spring Fair at Spicer Uniting Church >>>
  • Music on Flinders - Spring/Summer series >>>
  • National Youth and Young Adults Conference (NYALC) Online >>>
  • Worship that Connects 3: Finding our way now >>>
  • Seminary of the Third Age - What does Buddhism offer in today's world? - Philippa Rowland >>>

Want to share your event with the wider Uniting Church in SA? Complete the Events Form here.


Prayer Points

This week we pray for:

  • Our political leaders as they form budgets and policies for our nation's future. We pray they envision a just recovery for all
  • All of us, as we listen, discern and have courage to follow where God calls us
  • For refugees, both those known and unknown to us, for greater compassion from our decision-makers, for the safety and well-being of refugees living in hardship and for endurance of people supporting refugees.


Reflection of the week

Who is God?

Pastor ​Cyrus Kung speaks passionately about his own faith: who God is for him as a 2nd-generation Australian of Chinese ancestry, and the distinctive ‘lens’ that his heritage gives him in his exploration of matters of life and faith.

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