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OSE needs your vote.

Dear reader,

Our latest 3min film 'Build Yourself' is now live and ready to view!

This video is important for us because it's been entered and accepted into the Focus Forward film competition. If we win this competition, we will recieve up to $100,000 towards developing the Global Village Construction Set and our vision for an open source economy.

Please enjoy our new film...and if you like it, vote for it!

'Build Yourself' Video.

(Click image or click here. 'Vote' icon is on right side of player)

Help us spread the word.

To the OSEteam, success doesn't necessarily mean winning this competition - it means winning the hearts and the minds of people all over the world. We have seen this happening more and more in the past year since our TEDtalk, with new OSE collaborators and replicators springing up all over the world.

But this only happens when our example inspires others into action, and we think our latest video offers the best oppertunity yet to show others what is possible when you Build Yourself.


Behind the scenes.

A lot of work went into our new film. Check out our latest blog post where British filmmaker and OSE Video Communications Director Tristam Copley Smith shares the making of 'Build Yourself' and more information about the Focus Forward competition.