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The Video Journal of Prosthetic Urology Celebrates its 5th Anniversary!

Five years ago, on 10 September 2013 to be precise, the first surgical video was uploaded to the VJPU. This was the overture for what appeared to become one of the most extensive and successful platforms in the field of prosthetic urology. Over the years, the number of videos expanded rapidly and currently, the platform hosts more than 150 peer-reviewed and 18 industry-sponsored videos within a wide variety of categories. The success of the platform has been demonstrated by the yearly increase of viewers with a peak of over 800% (!) in the last two years.

And there is more! The VJPU recently added the subtitle ‘Your Sexual Medicine Video Journal’ to its name, meaning that the platform now also accepts female sexual dysfunction (FSD) surgical videos.

ISSM’s deepest gratitude for this achievement goes out to Dr. Steven K. Wilson, Editor-in-Chief, from the start of the platform. Without his inspiring leadership, experience, and guidance towards the rest of the Editorial Board, the VJPU could have never been as successful as it is right now.

Finally, the ISSM is very grateful to AMS / Boston Scientific and Coloplast for their support and involvement from the very first hour. It is because of them that the VJPU has always been an open access journal, accessible for any doctor throughout the globe. We are truly looking forward to our collaboration with them for many years ahead.

For more information about the VJPU, please check the website or contact the Executive Office of the ISSM by e-mail.

Study Analyzes Orgasms of Newlywed Couples

How do orgasm experiences affect both sexual and relationship satisfaction? Clues might be found in the woman's orgasms, suggests a recent Journal of Sexual Medicine study. 

Past studies of orgasms and relationships have not typically focused on couples. 

The study involved 1,683 heterosexual newlywed couples. Individual participants answered questions about their own orgasm frequency as well as their perceptions of their partner's frequency. 

Using this data, the researchers calculated the degree to which individuals might misperceive their partner's orgasm. In other words, they determined a degree of mismatch between what partners perceived and what was actually reported. 

Consistent orgasms were reported by 87% of the husbands and 49% of the wives.  But 43% of the husbands misperceived their wife's orgasm frequency. 

Misperception was associated negatively with sexual and relationship satisfaction. 

Click here to learn more about the study, the role communication played in the results, and the reasons why attention to wives' orgasms might improve sexual satisfaction for both members of the couple.

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