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Black Lives Matter

screen grab photo of "Black Lives Matter" painted on Washington, D.C. street

photo: screengrab Apple Maps

Black lives matter.

This is not a controversial slogan. It is a statement of fact.

At the Center for Creativity, we know that we have work to do, work that includes but goes beyond fostering diversity and inclusivity. We believe in the power of making things, and now more than ever, it is clear that one of those things must be “change.”

We reject – and commit to taking action against – systemic racism and its manifestations: inequity, police brutality, erasure, and neglect. We embrace – and commit to supporting and participating in – the work of justice and transformation.

Necessarily, what we do will not be enough, because there is no “enough.” Anti-racism is a process to which we pledge our resources. New strategies and opportunities will emerge: we will engage them. New voices will shout, sing, and bear witness: they will have microphones.

Black lives matter.

This statement is meant to be the beginning of an ongoing process at the Center for Creativity. It is intended to evolve: we invite comments and suggestions from all Pitt community members. Please email us at

The Art of Diversity Showcase & Competition

photo of four paintings from the "Black to the Future" art exhibition

The arts are more crucial than ever during times of crisis; they provide a cathartic and thought-provoking outlet for self-expression.

All members of the Pitt and regional community are invited to submit creative work relevant to aspects of cultural identity, sociocultural topics, or social justice issues for the upcoming Art of Diversity Showcase.

Works will be displayed in an online gallery and may be featured on University web and social media channels (with artist attribution). All works are eligible for award distinctions.

Deadline for entries: Monday, July 6. Awardees will be announced at the 2020 Diversity Retreat in late July.

See the Office of Diversity & Inclusion page for details.

C4C Summer Programming Continues

photo collage of different creative pursuits including writing, playing piano, painting, drawing, and photography

We continue our summer programming with workshops like "Tumbling Your Creative Blocks" (June 11), as well as a series of poetry mini-shops including "Where I'm From," focused on constructing your own poem based on details from your unique cultural experiences and identity. Our June 25 open mic night theme is "Celebrate Pride," spotlighting work by Pitt's LGBTQIA+ community. Visit our website to find out more.

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