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Did You Know?

  • 40,000 children go to hospital each year as a result of an accident at a children’s playground.
  • Insurance Companies will only progress a claim if they have a 60% chance of winning
  • The Owner of the play area is responsible for all Health & Safety

How Can TDS Help?

  • We have ROSPA Approved Inspectors that can carry out inspections highlighting any potential Health & Safety issues
  • Just by carrying out regular inspections you can demonstrate a structured approach to Health & Safety
  • Having worked closely with relevant Contractors for over 10 years TDS can obtain competitive quotations to rectify any identified remedial works
  • TDS can offer design advice to ensure your play area meets with the correct standards

If this service may be of interest then please contact your nearest TDS Regional Office:

Email us at enquiries@t-d-s.com

Visit us at www.t-d-s.com