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Porsche Advanced Driver Training at Phillip Island.


Dear Porsche Enthusiast,

Your Porsche is a precision-engineered sports machine, built to be driven well. 

At Porsche, we believe the more knowledge owners have of their cars the greater their experience of driving them. At the Porsche Advanced Driver Training program, you will learn how to find, explore and extract the adrenaline inducing performance potential of your Porsche sports car.

Under the expert guidance of our instructors, you will enhance your skills on one of Australia's most renowned racetracks. You will learn how to approach and tackle different driving scenarios accurately and at speed, on a closed road circuit.

Porsche Advanced Driver Training
Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit
28, 29 or 30 November 2017

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Level 1 - Tuesday, 28 November 2017


It’s all about taking to the driver’s seat. Each day has been designed to help you, as a Porsche driver, react better in both day-to-day situations and emergencies.

During the Level 1 course we are able to simulate critical situations for which you may have no hands on experience. Our expert instructors will take you through a series of slalom, cornering and braking exercises, progressively moving around the racetrack to build experience and knowledge, culminating in full laps of the track.


Level 2 - Wednesday, 29 November 2017


You've completed Level 1, now it's time to shift up to second gear. Building on the basics of vehicle control and the skills you acquired during the previous day, you will now step up to more advanced cornering and steering exercises. You will learn how to approach and tackle corners accurately and at speed.

Apart from skilful braking and careful acceleration, you will gain a more advanced knowledge of spirited driving and the dynamics of your own Porsche on one of Australia's most iconic race circuits.


Open Track Day - Thursday, 30 November 2017

Open Track Days

If you enjoy completing full laps of the circuit and have completed Level 1 & 2, the Open Track Day is for you.

Without the restrictions of normal road conditions, the dynamic potential of your Porsche can be exploited in safety under the watchful eye of our Porsche instructors.

Further your racetrack experience without the pressure of having your times recorded or having to win a race, simply focus on the main objective: a whole day of unlimited driving pleasure.


Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit


This is your chance to experience the iconic Philip Island race track with your own Porsche. The circuit runs anti-clockwise and is 4.44 km long. Located 128 km from Melbourne, it is the home to MotoGP and caters to many other races throughout the year including Porsche Carrera Cup Australia.


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To find out more information or to dicsuss your next driving experience, email or call us at sportdrivingschool@porsche.com.au or 1800 062 911.

See you at the track,


Rasma Ertl
Porsche Sport Driving School 

T:  1800 062 911
E:  sportdrivingschool@porsche.com.au
W: porsche.com.au/sportdrivingschool


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