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The smog of corruption lies thick over the swampland of Washington, D.C. There are only a few brave U.S. Representatives and U.S. Senators who have served our country in the military, worn our uniform with pride, and know what it’s like to be in combat.

That is why it is so important that we elect warriors like Shane Osborn.

He is a true American hero and he is running for the United States Senate. There’s a limited edition bronze challenge coin with our motto “Bow to Nobody” on one side and Shane Osborn’s image on the other that I would like to send you if you will help me send Shane to the United States Senate.

Your online contribution of $50 or more will secure your limited edition Shane Osborn Special Operations for America bronze challenge coin. The proceeds from your generous online contribution will help us to keep the television ads we are running in support of Shane Osborn on the air and ensure he wins.


Your bronze challenge coin will serve as a daily reminder of the stuff heroes are made of. It’s a tribute to an American Hero that you will be proud to have. 

Shane Osborn’s backstory shows the courage under pressure that’s missing in the Beltway Quagmire.

Do you remember back in 2001 when an American surveillance plane flying off the coast of China over international waters was harassed by a Chinese jet pilot who recklessly flew wing-to-wing with our plane? At the controls was Lt. Shane Osborn. The Chinese pilot began to list and wobble, striking our jet in midair and sending Osborn’s ruined plane into a deep dive and death spiral. Somehow, Osborn was able to bring his plane under control, save his 23 crew members, and land safely, but he was immediately captured by the Chinese. For twelve days he was imprisoned and interrogated, but he didn’t buckle ... he didn’t even flinch.

America needs Shane Osborn’s courage again ... this time in the United States Senate. Make your online contribution of $10, $35, $50, $100, $175, $250, $500, or even $1,000 to Special Operations for America. Help us keep our TV ads on the air and our media efforts surging forward.

And remember, if you contribute $50 or more, I will send you a limited edition bronze Shane Osborn Special Operations for America challenge coin. Just as important as your new coin is the fact that you will help send Shane Osborn to the Senate on a mission of bold conservative change. Shane takes the word “mission” very seriously.  

When voters see and hear what Shane Osborn did ... when they know the stuff that he’s made of ... they will send him to Washington to keep fighting for us. 

It’s time to save our country.

Will you stand with me? 

Gary Stubblefield
Chairman Special Operations for America
20 Years in the U.S. Navy
Commanding Officer of SEAL Team THREE

P.S. The election is coming up fast and Washington is a mess. Our country needs a hero today. Please join us in our efforts to elect Shane Osborn to the United States Senate with your nation-changing contribution of at least $10 today. And remember, if you contribute $50 or more, you will receive a limited edition bronze Shane Osborn Special Operations for America challenge coin as a token of my thanks and as a reminder of the values that you and Shane Osborn share.