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42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, March 23, 1997 © Lars Tunbjörk

Keizersgracht 609, 1017 DS Amsterdam
The Netherlands
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Musician Maya Arulpragasam (M.I.A.). From ‘Maya take to the streets’, published May 30, 2010 © Ryan McGinley

The New York Times Magazine Photographs

Cocurated by Kathy Ryan and Lesley A. Martin

23 March – 30 May 2012

For over thirty years, the New York Times Magazine has presented the myriad possibilities and applications of photography. The New York Times Magazine Photographs is an exhibition that reflects upon and interrogates the very nature of both photography and print magazines at this pivotal moment in their history and evolution.

More info: http://foam.org/press/2012/ny-times

Vlada in the kitchen Kazan 1992 © Bertien van Manen

Bertien van Manen | Let's sit down before we go

19 March 2012 - 24 June 2012

This spring Foam will present the solo exhibition Let's sit down before we go by Bertien van Manen (1942). More than 60 photos will be on show, created between 1991 and 2009. During that time, Van Manen regularly and extensively travelled with a small 35mm camera through Russia, Moldavia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Tatarstan and Georgia.  She stayed for long periods with the people she met on her travels, learned their language and usually became friends with them.  This produced intimate and sometimes tender photos resulting from a personal and sincere relationship. In Bertien van Manen's humanistic approach, photographer and subject are equals and the mutual respect is palpable.

More info: http://foam.org/press/2012/bertien-van-manen

Sans Titre (Monsieur Bertillon) No 15 © Stéphanie Solinas

Foam 3H: Stéphanie Solinas | Sans Titre (Monsieur Bertillon)

23 March - 9 May 2012

In Sans Titre (Monsieur Bertillon), Stéphanie Solinas (France, 1978) investigates the identification system invented by Alphonse Bertillon in the 1880's. Bertillon (Paris, 1853 - 1914) was a French police officer who developed "judicial anthropometry", based on physical measurements and photography. Anthropometrics was the first scientific system to be used by police to identify criminals (previously, the only way was to use unreliable eye witness accounts). Bertillon's method was eventually eclipsed by fingerprinting, but his contributions, such as the mug shot and the system of photographing the crime scene, remain in use today. His system has been progressively extended to all individuals; for Solinas, our face is a surface where Bertillon's inquisitive presence still remains.

More info: http://www.foam.org/press/2012/stéphanie-solinas


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