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11 June 2018

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In this Gambits:

  • 2017 Gambling Sector Survey report
  • National Multi Venue Exclusion (MVE) administration service
  • Qualified Auditors
  • Agreed-upon procedures reports on forecast financial information

2017 Gambling Sector Survey report

The 2017 Gambling Sector Survey summary of findings is now available on our website. This annual survey helps the Department gather feedback from the sector, and measure how our work as the gambling regulator is perceived.

The 2017 results are similar to the 2016 stakeholder survey in many areas, showing that the strategic improvements the Department has made continue to be maintained.

This survey was the second to assess how stakeholders view our approach to regulation using the vision and objectives that drive our work. There were increased levels of agreement from the sector to survey questions around our vision, with the most positive responses relating to the sector working constructively with us to achieve compliance.

There was also an increase in positive responses about the Department’s communication – stakeholders generally find it easy to obtain information from us, and believe that the information they receive is of good quality and provided in a timely manner.

The results from this survey did show a decrease in satisfaction with DIA sector forums. This may be due to the fact that sector forums were not held in 2017, while we undertook increased sector collaboration on other significant projects, such as Mystery Shopper, three year licensing, and the refreshed approach to venue assessments. Forums were resumed March 2018, alongside a successful series of regional workshops. The Department is looking forward to continuing to work with our stakeholders, to better understand how we can improve the value of these types of engagements and add value in future.

We would like to thank those who took the time to complete the survey.

National Multi Venue Exclusion (MVE) administration service

The Ministry of Health has recently contracted The Salvation Army Oasis to trial a national MVE administration service. A National Administrator, Ganesh Vijayanath, was appointed on 16 May. Salvation Army Oasis is currently developing an interim MVE database and will be working with the gambling sector to create a national exclusion database for future use. 
All MVE requests and photos from gambling harm service providers will be directed to the national MVE administrator to process and send to venues in due course. Regional MVE coordinators will remain as they are for local liaison.
The national MVE administration service will develop a Terms of Reference which will cover its service and how it will interact with sector stakeholders. This will be sent out for feedback and the Department will include a link to this document in a future Gambits.
If you have any queries please email Ganesh on NationalMVEAdmin@nzf.salvationarmy.org

Qualified Auditors

We have been advised by the New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants that the person who audited financial statements for two clubs for the 2016 and 2017 financial years is not a qualified auditor.

The Gambling Act (2003) requires an auditor’s report on the annual report submitted with a licensing application. An auditor must be a person who is a qualified auditor within the meaning of section 35 of the Financial Reporting Act (2013). Further detail on qualified auditors and how to ensure that your auditor meets the requirements can be found on the Charities Service website.

Please feel free to contact Jo Lipscombe on jo.lipscombe@dia.govt.nz if you have any queries.

Agreed-upon procedures reports on forecast financial information

Please note that agreed-upon procedures reports must be prepared by an Independent Chartered Accountant with a certificate of public practice. Chartered accountants must comply with the independence criteria set out in accounting standards, and the NZICA Code of Ethics.

Independence must be both of fact and appearance.  An agreed-upon procedures report should not be prepared by an accountant that has been involved in preparing the forecast financial information, or the annual financial statements on which the forecast is based.

If you have any queries please contact Jo Lipscombe on jo.lipscombe@dia.govt.nz