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Issue 8   |  December 12, 2018

Derech Emunah Newsletter
Chanukah Fun at Derech Emunah

By Bracha Poyurs, 10th Grade


This past week, Derech Emunah incorporated many fun activities into their daily schedule in the spirit of Chanukah.


The week began with a Mystery Maccabee game that took place during lunch on both Monday and Tuesday. Students picked the name of another student from a hat to secretly buy a present for. By the end of the game, the students of Derech Emunah had fun sitting in a circle and guessing who their Mystery Maccabee was.


On Wednesday, the last two periods of the day were replaced with a school-wide Chanukah party! Music was played, and doughnuts were eaten as the students participated in a Chanukah Jeopardy game that was taking place.


The week came to an end with an Edible Menorah Contest, each class bringing in their own ingredients to create their own delicious Menorah. The frosting was spread, whip cream was sprayed, and sushi was rolled to complete this tasty challenge. The students concluded this Chanukah week with fond memories and anticipation for the upcoming Shabbaton.


Upcoming Dates and Events


December 15th 
Derech Emunah Shabbaton with Mrs. Mindy Lankry


Rebbetzin Lankry has served as Rebbetzin alongside her husband Rabbi Aaron Lankry in several synagogues around the world, including Hong Kong, Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), Aventura, Florida and Sephardic Synagogue of Fifth Ave, Manhattan, NY.


Mrs. Lankry is a certified life coach, gives various Torah lectures, as well as private classes on family purity. 


The Rebbetzin now resides in Monsey where her husband is Rabbi of Congregation Ohr Chaim. They have eight children and several grandchildren.


December 18th

Fast of Asarah B’Tevet Early Dismissal, 12:10 pm
Special Asarah B’Tevet Program. Video presentation - Strike on Heaven by Yizkereim, a non-profit educational project.

Yizkereim, The Rabbi Leib Geliebter Memorial Foundation, is named after a Talmudic scholar who led spiritual resistance activities in the forced labor camp of Czestochowa, Poland and in the Buchenwald concentration camp.
Learn more:


December 19th
Ulpaniada Semi-Finals - An International problem-solving competition based on math skills and logical reasoning. All four of our Derech Emunah participants earned entry into the Semi-Finals


Read more about the Ulpaniada:

December 24th - January 1st

Winter break - No school


January 15th

Open House for prospective students - All Day


Date to be announced

A Musical Production


by Derech Emunah Students

Derech Emunah Girls