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CP-GRT	- Gantry Robot Collating Case Packer
Product Feature: CP-GRT - Gantry Robot Collating Case Packer
The CP-GRT ensures your case packing processes are efficient and robust. Using the innovative gantry robot case erector, the CP-GRT will provide efficient case erecting capabilities. Allen Bradley Servo motors and drives provide smooth, consistent operation. A compact footprint ensures easy line integration and reduces start-up costs. Check out the video in our video library (Video ID: 334). View here.
Turnkey Packaging Line: Sleeving, Case Erecting, and Case Packing
AFA provided a compact turnkey automation line for bottles of product. The AFA sleever was able to handle 133 bottles per minute and was designed for the end user's unique sleeve. The sleever end loaded bottles into the sleeve which provided a reduction in cost and footprint. The top load packer and erector fit into the end user's limited floor space and provided efficient case packing operation. Find out more here.
New Product Announcement: HP-CMC - High-Speed Continuous Motion End Load Case Packer
Looking for a Case Packer to run over 50 cases per minute? If so, then check out the HP-CMC. This robust case packer can run at high speeds with its innovative rotary case erecting system. The system also features an HD Barrel Cam Loading System to achieve speeds higher than 50 products per minute. Case depalletizing systems are optional on this machine. Click here to find out more (Video ID: 339).