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Focus on Scripture

Upcoming passages at One Place: 

June 15: Luke 8 (Susan Zork)

June 22: Luke 9 (Kenley Hall)

Offerings Report

Last week our offering totaled: $302.29.

Thank you for your continued financial support.

Weekly One Place Advisory Meetings

One Place community members are welcome to attend our weekly advisory meetings on Tuesdays, 6:30 pm at the Campus Ministries office.

This is a time when we get together as a group to pray and make plans for weekly worship services, special events and celebrations with the One Place family.

Our weekly advisory meeting notes, posted by Kyle Dever, can be found on our One Place Facebook page.

For more information, contact Japhet.

Fun Family Park Day @ Hidden Pointe

One Place is hosting a day of fun at Hidden Pointe in Benton Harbor on June 23 from 5-8 pm.

Everyone will have a free pass to one of each of the following:
mini golf
GO karts
batting cages
trampoline basketball

This is a great opportunity to invite friends and neighbors to join your One Place family in a fun environment!!

Sign ups will begin June 1, in order for us to get a guesstimate on how many to expect. Sign up not required to attend, but will be helpful to ensure Hidden Pointe is staffed well.

To sign up or for more information, visit our Facebook Event Page.

Clean up and set up at One Place

We are looking for some help with setup and cleanup this Sabbath. If you are willing to serve in this capacity, Please message Brittany Culpepper. We meet at 9am on Sabbath for setup and first service and then those who are helping with cleanup come for second service and stay afterwards. Thank you for your willingness to help in advance!