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End of Year News

Wow......another incredible year is coming to a close, and we look forward to the holiday season with family and friends.

We would like to thank our clients, seminar attendees, and others for making this a most enjoyable year of sharing photography. 

The best part of this business is the people that we meet.

The lead image if from the Smoky Mountains Summit. We were fortunate as the color came in stronger and stronger each successive day. Watch this space for details on Summit, 2018.

We finish Year 2 of our Ellis Island Photo Tours on December 10. We take small groups and have limited space available. If you would like to join us or for more details, please email.

As usual, we expect this break to go by quickly, especially after the holidays. Our first workshop of 2018 is our Smokies Winter Shoot Out, Feb 11-15. We look forward to starting at one of our favorite photo locations. Please email Susan if interested in more info and to register.


Our 2018 Visual Artistry

Workshop Schedule



Infrared Shooters!

In all of our workshops, we work extensively with those interested in infrared photography. Our Smokies Infrared, B&W, and long exposure workshop, May 20-24, deals almost exclusively with infrared photography and processing.

Keep you head in the game this winter with our ProCritiques.


••• Design you own creativity Seminar in 2018
Email for more info.



L A T E S T  e B O O K 


tip of the month

Tony Sweet is a professional photographer, author, workshop leader and software trainer. He and Susan Milestone conduct photography workshops throughout the US, Canada, Iceland, and Cuba. Tony is a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens.

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”

— Matt Hardy