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Make the last days of 2012 count for Africa's primates!

Now is the time to make your tax deductible gift count – there are only 4 days are left in 2012.

Help protect Africa’s primates and forests with a donation today.


Lwiro sanctuary in DRC repairs the water pipe that provides water to the entire Lwiro village. Funding was provided by a PASA Crisis Response Fund grant.

2012 has been an important year for PASA. Our work with partners across the globe is advancing African primate conservation, and supporting enforcement of primate protection laws and the welfare of African primates confiscated from illegal hunting and trade.

PASA's key accomplishments in 2012 include:

  • Added PASA’s 22nd Member Sanctuary – Colobus Conservation in Diani Beach, Kenya
  • Hired a full-time Executive Director and a part-time Executive Assistant
  • Facilitated the successful rescue of apes and monkeys by PASA member sanctuaries
  • Distributed $18,900 of grants to address emergency issues at PASA sanctuaries
  • Conducted on-site reviews and follow up with member sanctuaries to ensure they meet PASA standards of primate care and conservation
  • Participated in United Nations’ Great Ape Survival Partnership (GRASP) meeting in Paris
  • Brought together member sanctuaries and advisors to develop a 3-year strategic plan that enables us to do an even better job of protecting Africa’s apes and monkeys.

We’ve done all this and more with your support!  But we need your help to continue our work.

We are raising funds to:

  • Maintain PASA’s high standards for primate care and conservation by conducting regular on-site reviews of member sanctuaries and providing financial and technical assistance to help sanctuaries address issues
  • Provide advanced training and materials for local sanctuary staff on conservation education and animal healthcare and welfare issues
  • Work with the IUCN to bring together sanctuary reintroduction experts with scientists and other technical experts on reintroduction
  • Work with global partners to support enforcement of primate protection laws, and protect African primates and their forest homes
  • Add an additional full-time staff person to assist in developing and delivering our programs.

Thank you for your support!  Your generous donations help us protect Africa's amazing primates and the forests they depend on.

PASA Executive Director Julie Sherman addresses GRASP on African primate rescue and law enforcement issues.

PASA sanctuary members, staff and advisors meet in Nairobi, Kenya.

Double your impact with PASA’s Recurring Donation Challenge before January 1

Here’s an easy way to double your impact for Africa’s primates this month.  Sign up to give a recurring monthly donation through Global Giving by December 31 and your initial donation will be fully matched up to $100.   Monthly recurring donations provide predictable income that allows PASA to keep supporting conservation efforts and community projects at all 22 member sanctuaries across Africa.  For example, $100 a month covers the cost for a sanctuary veterinarian to attend an annual week-long advanced training on the latest primate healthcare, disease diagnosis and emergency treatments to assist the orphaned apes and monkeys confiscated from illegal poachers or the pet trade.  Sign up to give a recurring donation to PASA today. Give Now

About PASA

PASA is the only network of wildlife sanctuaries working across Africa to empower local people to protect primates and their forest homes.  Africa’s primates are rapidly disappearing. African chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and monkeys are sold as bushmeat, and their babies are illegally sold as pets.  PASA and its 22 member sanctuaries care for and rehabilitate primates confiscated from the illegal wildlife trade; and engage local communities, law enforcement and governments to support primate protection and halt the illegal trade and poaching threatening Africa’s primates with extinction.  Visit us at www.pasaprimates.org or on facebook.

PASA helped facilitate rescue for apes and monkeys across Africa in 2012. Shakira the chimpanzee (above) is now at Ape Action Africa.  Amigo the olive baboon (top right) is being cared for by Limbe Wildlife Center.