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Summer Issue

Summer time is no time for rest at the BCCLA. With staff working internationally and more than enough going on at home, this issue features:

  • The Washington Statement:a call for data protection
  • Update: Border security is not for TV
  • Crown appoints special prosecutor in Boyd inquiry
  • Honouring our Liberty Awards recipients
  • Micheal goes to Washington
  • Pick up Megaphone! We're on the cover!

The Washington Statement

BCCLA and an international coalition of more than a dozen privacy advocates from both sides of the Atlantic came together in Washington, DC to issue “The Washington Statement”, calling on the European Union to increase data protection.

BCCLA Policy Director, Micheal Vonn, who initiated and co-authored the Washington Statement said, “It is very important that Canadians support strong EU data protections. Canadians’ privacy protections follow the EU model, which have become a global standard for privacy.”

Click here to read more.

Border security is not for TV

The BCCLA says that filming travelers’ interactions with border officials for entertainment violates their privacy rights.

In less than a month, over fourteen hundred people signed forms refusing permission to be filmed at border crossings.

On June 24, we delivered these forms to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Force Four Entertainment, Shaw Media, National Geographic, and BST Media.

Click here to sign the Refusal to Consent form.

Crown prosecution branch appoints special prosecutor in Paul Boyd shooting

“We are encouraged that the Crown is finally taking action to reconsider laying charges in the Boyd case,” said Josh Paterson, Executive Director of the BCCLA.

“The evidence that Boyd was not a threat to police when he was shot and killed has been known for years. Justice requires that an independent special prosecutor take a hard look at this tragedy. This is a positive step.” 

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Honouring our Liberty Award recipients


On June 12, 2013 the BCCLA hosted the Liberty Awards Gala at Performance Works Theatre on Granville Island in celebration of exceptional contributions to human rights and civil liberties.

See the photo album and meet our award recipients here.

Micheal goes to Washington

BCCLA Policy Director was in Washington DC for the Computers, Freedom and Privacy Conference. 

In 2013 this international conference of privacy and tech experts asked the very timely question: "Can You Trust Anyone in the Digital Age?"

Read Micheal's blog post about the conference.

Pick up a copy of Megaphone!

Megaphone: Vancouver's Street Paper helps homeless and low-income residents in Vancouver to support themselves.

This month's cover of Megaphone: Surveillance Watch: Josh Paterson on who's keeping tabs on your personal data

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