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The Winter months...

...are an important time for skin preparation and nurture. Allowing us to improve, care and enhance our skin for the Spring reveal

SKIN FOCUS: Décolletage Rejuvenation

We often focus all our attention to caring for the skin on our face, however let’s not neglect our neck and décolletage as they are particularly vulnerable to the visible signs of ageing as the skin tends to be thinner and often less moisturised. At Aesthetic Health we have a number of wonderful and accessible treatment options for this important area:

Décolletage Treatments

Revitalise your décolletage skin with the ELASTIderm Décolletage System £146.84, for healthier, younger-looking skin. These two effective products of the Skin Lightening Complex and the Wrinkle Reducing Lotion have been specifically developed for the décolletage area to help restore elasticity and improve the signs of aging. Ask Kathryn or Joanna for a décolletage consultation.

LED LIGHT THERAPY is a pain free and relaxing treatment that harnesses the power of natural light accellerating the skin's natural repair process making it perfect for décolletage rejuvination. Suitable for all skin types, LED has numerous benefits including increased hydration; stimulating blood and lymphatic circulation; the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles; shrinking open and enlarged pores all of which leave your skin smoother, firmer and plump without any downtime. LED can be used by itself or in conjunction with many of our other treatments as it soothes irritation and redness while accelerating the healing process. read more...
LED sIngle 30mins session, £50. Course of eight, £350.

PEELS -  There is a perfect peel for every skin type and here at Aesthetic Health we have a wide selection to suit your differing skin needs. Chemical peels gently remove a controlled amount of the skin’s outer layers to promote regeneration and repair, improving the skin’s appearance and health. Gentle exfoliative peels freshen the skin, whilst deep peels can smooth, tighten and correct skin problems. Our trained practitioners tailor peels to suit your individual needs according to whether a gentle or more dramatic result is desired and also whether the peel needs to pass unnoticed or some shedding of the skin can be accommodated. read more...
Peels from £80.


This powerful mix of products helps to reveal your hidden silky smooth skin.
Jan Marini  Bioglycolic Resurfacing Body Scrub, £43 - Especially beneficial for dry and  damaged skin. Combining glycolic acid and polished granules to dramatically re-texturise, smooth and soften body skin. Jan Marini  Bioglycolic Hand & Body Cream,  £41 - Resurfaces skin texture and re-contours irregularities, encouraging the supple smooth quality of young healthy skin. Aromatherapy Associates Renewing Rose Body Cream, £30.50 - deeply moisturises and conditions with the powers of rose, geranium, shea butter and evening primrose. This wonderful combination of stimulating, peeling and soothing products stimulate, regenerate and resurface tired body skin. Our therapists are always happy to prescribe a personal programme for your specific needs. Ask in clinic for details.
Silky Smooth Skin Package £100*

*Both packages for the month of March only, no other discounts apply.