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Distinctive Schools Celebrates Bilingualism and English Language Learning!

You many have noticed that the timing of this month's issue of Family Matters is a little different than usual. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15- October 15), Distinctive Schools is celebrating our commitment to English Language Learning and bilingualism across all six of our campuses. Read more here!
(En Español)

An Introduction to Our New Director of Multicultural and Language Development, Mariela Spejh

Click here to learn more about Mariela's extensive work with English Language Learning and bilinigualism!   (En Español)

News from the Schools

CICS Bucktown students show off their cool new backpacks.

CICS Irving Park launches their 2015 Fall Fund Drive.

CICS Jackson invites you to their Spooky Reading Night.

CICS Prairie celebrates Grandparents Day with loved ones.

CICS West Belden celebrates their 2015 Fall Festival.

Minnesota Early Learning Academy looks to add music.