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Laser Treatment Could Relieve Vulvar Pain: Study

A pilot study has found that micro-ablative fractional CO2 laser treatment applied to the vulvar vestibule provides pain relief for women with vestibulodynia and genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM).  

The study, published online in November in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, focused on the safety and effectiveness of the laser treatment in a group of 70 women with chronic vulvar pain. 

The women were divided into two groups.  Group 1 included 37 women with vestibulodynia; Group 2 consisted of 33 post-menopausal women over age 50 who had vulvar pain caused by GSM. Over a thirty-day period, each woman had three treatment sessions. 

The researchers assessed the women's pain levels and vestibular health at baseline and again at four-, eight-, and twelve-weeks follow-up points.  A final evaluation took place four months after treatment. 

Pain decreased in both groups, and the women's vestibular health improved.  None of the women reported major side effects. 

The authors noted that more research is still needed, however. 

More details on the study are available here. 

New Research: Preoperative Vacuum Therapy for Men with Corporal Fibrosis

Please note that a new research summary has been posted to the ISSM website.

"Successful Placement of Penile Prostheses in Men With Severe Corporal Fibrosis Following Vacuum Therapy Protocol" by Dr. Peter N. Tsambarlis, et al. was published online in December by the Journal of Sexual Medicine.

The study discusses the use of vacuum therapy before penile prosthesis surgery in men with corporal fibrosis.

Please click here to see the summary. 

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