2 Guys. 1 World. Hacks.

This is the the next chapter in the story of Lee Martin and Johannes Wagener. Two developers who left their jobs at SoundCloud looking for something beyond the world of startups to find the time and freedom to realize their own ideas.

While working on some projects across continents, they recognized that creating software rarely required them to be in a specific location. In fact, they could work from any place in the world. So they decided to start an experimental company that combines both traveling and running a business while exploring new cultures and technologies. They call it The Endless Hack.

What will happen when they travel the world while hacking and how will these two factors influence each other? Who will they meet? Will they find WiFi? They've traveled to Buenos Aires, Argentina to begin their trip and find out. Follow the story as it develops on Twitter and Facebook. You may also tweet, like, or forward this email using the buttons below. Muchas Gracias!

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Want to help?

Want to work, have a beer, or do both with Lee and Johannes? Got a tip on where to go, who to meet, and what to do while they are on the road? Reply to this email or click the button below. You can also send the guys a tweet @TheEndlessHack.