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New Internationalist to become a multi-stakeholder co-op

New Internationalist

Monthly magazine the New Internationalist will move to a new co-operative model that includes workers and consumers as members.

While the magazine has always operated as a worker co-operative, the new structure may represent a  way of funding indpendent journalism as traditional media business models falter.

Our Knights, One Chance announce co-op business model

Our Knights, One Chance

The Our Knights, One Chance group have announced a business plan for a co-operatively owned Newcastle Knights

Fans and local businesses could become members by buying one or more $500 shares. 

The group estimates that $20 million needs to be raised and that the Knights would break even within 3 years. 

Victorian Social Enterprise Strategy released

Victorian Government

The Victorian Government has released its Social Enterprise Strategy.

It is the first social enterprise strategy to be developed by an Australian federal or state government. 

As enterprises focused on inclusive economic growth there will be oppurtunities for funding for co-operative social enterprises.

Tasmanian co-operatives network formed

Tasmanian co-operators and supporters have formed a network to advance co-operative development in Tasmania.

The formation of the network was the result of a meeting of Tasmanian co-operators in Hobart on 17 February to discuss the sector.

The network will be convened by Molly Kendall of Resource Work Co-operative.

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Australian Mutuals Foundation launches

Australian Mutuals Foundation

The Australian Mutuals Foundation (AMF), a new charitable foundation supported by Australian credit unions, has launched.

AMF will focus on assisting youth in Australia and the Pacific.

In Australia it will partner with Barnardos to assist youth facing abuse or with housing, health or education needs.

Abroad it will focus on supporting financial co-operative development. 

Upcoming events

Date TBC: Employee Ownership Australia 2017 Awards and Conference

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