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Alcuin Society Newsletter - July 2016

Please check here regularly for current content.

The Alcuin Annual General Meeting was a great success, and you can read a report about it here.
We didn't have time to show the short film Gravers & Files (Carl Dair at Enschedé: The Last Days of Metal Type) at the meeting, but it is available online here.
In addition to being on hand to present Rod McDonald with the Reid award at the AGM, Robert Reid has continued writing about his life in the book arts and sources of inspiration.
     An unpublished book of beautiful mushroom drawings by Henry Jackson
     The Sunday Coloured Comics
     Arthur Erickson on Architecture
     The British Columbia Library Quarterly
     Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II
     Before the Dam: Rural Life in the Kootenay Valley of B.C. Before it was Flooded
You can read more about the Robert R. Reid Award and Medal recognizing lifetime achievement or extraordinary contributions to the book arts in Canada here.
Board members Ralph Stanton, Richard Hopkins, Howard Greaves, and Sarah Sutherland have been writing posts on books and culture:
     Printmaking as a Dramatic Public Event, by Howard Greaves
     Two Trends in the Production of Contemporary Bookplates, by Ralph Stanton
     Historical tour of Vancouver’s Chinatown, by Sarah Sutherland
     Book collecting: a working collection – bibliography, by Ralph Stanton
     Readers, Accumulators and Collectors, by Richard Hopkins
     WePress: Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside’s printing makerspace, by Sarah Sutherland
     A new blue, by Sarah Sutherland
We have also been highlighting some articles from Amphora:
     Slipping Through Time: LAURA WALZ explores the life and work of peripatetic printer WIL HUDSON
     To throw Some Light on the Origin of Species: JONATHAN SHIPLEY and PETER MITHAM investigate Kelly Houle’s illuminated manuscript project.

We have been watching the progress of Sarah Race’s film The Barbarian Press, and we have reports from viewings in Toronto and Vancouver:
     On the Toronto Screening of The Barbarian Press film, by Grant Hurley
     Mesmerized by the beautiful hands: The Barbarian Press film, by Merrill Fearon

We would welcome blog content submissions from our members. Please send queries to our blog editor Sarah Sutherland.