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Group Therapy Focuses on Reclaiming Erotic Intimacy

Low sexual desire and low sexual frequency might be linked to unsatisfying sex, and this notion forms the basis of a new group couples therapy approach recently described in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. 

Helping couples reclaim erotic intimacy could be a key to treating patients with these sexual issues, the authors noted.  

Their study involved 45 couples (7 same-sex and 38 heterosexual) who participated in 16 hours of group couples therapy. For most couples, therapy took place over an 8-week period. 

Couples reported improvements after therapy, especially in sexual satisfaction.

Find out more about the study. 

Gender Affirmation: Creating Greater Vaginal Depth

During gender affirmation surgery for transgender women, surgeons may create a neovagina. However, achieving sufficient depth can be a challenge.

Our website's latest research summary discusses one method for adding depth during vaginoplasty. 

"The Bilateral Pedicled Epilated Scrotal Flap: A Powerful Adjunctive for Creation of More Neovaginal Depth in Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty" by Dr. Tim H.J. Nijhuis, et al. was first published online in March in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. 

Read the summary here. 

New Edition of Sexual Medicine Now Online!

The June 2020 edition of Sexual Medicine, the ISSM's open access journal, is now available online.

This quarter's issue includes a position statement on sexual desire discrepancy from the European Society for Sexual Medicine, along with original research, case reports, and letters to the editor.

Check it out here!

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