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Winter/Holiday 2014

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Feature | Holiday Video Roundup.

Fun | Gingerbread Collaboration.

Fanfare | NEW Decorating Technique.

Faves in 2014 | Cookiers' Choice Awards.

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Year of the Lamb? Really?!

2015 is the Year of the Lamb. It's said that, because the lamb is among our most liked animals (chalk this up to its gentle demeanor), 2015 will be a year filled with likeable things. It's hard to argue with such prognostication, though based on what I've been seeing in cookie-land, I'm tempted to declare it the Year of the Cookie instead!

While 2014 was packed with many first-time cookie occurrences - cookiers traveling overseas (in droves) to teach classes, cookie-only events in Brazil and Italy, Cookie Connection making national news (listen to my NPR interview) - 2015 promises even more thrills for those entranced by cookie art. I've already caught wind of master classes to be video-simulcast in several languages, two more international conferences, and cookie classes aboard cruise ships. Plus, Cookie Connection will soon host the industry's first annual awards to honor the superheroes of our craft (see Faves, below). Amidst all of this excitement, I expect my fellow artisans to continue to collaborate (see Fun) and innovate (see Fanfare) as only they uniquely do. May 2015 treat you as sweetly too!

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Holiday Video Roundup.

The holidays aren't over yet. Meaning: There's still an excuse to overindulge in seasonal sweets! It's my distinct pleasure to assist you in this pursuit (wink, wink) with this collection of video tutorials, including my cookie party crackers, left.

» View Roundup.


Gingerbread Collaboration on YouTube.

Each year, gingerbread season - once relegated to a few short weeks in December - seems to grow longer and longer, to the point that it now extends well into winter. And for good reason! The dough is wonderfully flavorful, and certain blends of it enable incredible 3-D cookie creations. Proof positive of this 2015 baking trend: this recent gingerbread video collaboration!

» View All 7 Videos Here.


NEW Decorating Technique!

It's tough to generate weekly YouTube content, so I am continually challenging myself by trying new things. (Or at least that's what I tell myself I'm doing!) Check out my favorite decorating innovation of 2014 - a way to stencil contoured cookies. Expect more newfangled stuff from me in 2015!

» View Video Here.

Faves in 2014

Cookiers' Choice Awards.

With the Golden Globes and Oscars fast approaching, it seems only logical that the cookie world give kudos to its own celebrities. And such is the plan for Cookie Connection's first annual Cookiers' Choice Awards.   

» More Info Here.


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