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Spring 2013

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Feature | Contoured Cookies

Cookie Craft | 3-D Cookie Baskets

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Favorites | Cookie Connection

Eye Candy | Spring It On!

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OK, I'm Cutting It Close . . .

 . . . but I hope you'll cut me some slack! We may be entering into summer on my continent, but I'm still firmly entrenched in spring and all the promise and excitement of new beginnings that it brings. (I'm also headed to Maine tomorrow for a little R&R, which gives me the semblance of an excuse: I'm pretty darn sure they've got a few more weeks to go before summer's knocking down their door!)

And so it's with this spring-y state of mind that I bring you this newsletter. Here you'll find a bunch of fresh, new cookie things, including tutorials related to my latest decorating obsession, teasers about a new app, and highlights of my forthcoming online cookie venture. It's been a crazy few months of trying to bring these various projects to fruition, so I'll keep this update short and sweet. As I said, R&R eagerly awaits, yet there's a suitcase (from my last trip) sitting on the floor, mouth agape, wondering when - or if - it will get re-packed!

Live sweetly!

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I'm Cookie-Crazed!

Please don't ask me to explain my latest cookie obsession, because I can't! For whatever reason, I love cookies that look like other things, which has drawn me deeper into multi-dimensional and contoured cookie designs than I ever imagined. Yes, 3-D, and even 4-D cookies with moving parts - and cookies that don't have to be flat.

Here's the detailed how-to for one of my earlier spring ventures - contoured Easter baskets, with fully rounded sides. With slightly different colors and styling, they also make snazzy bridal and baby shower favors.

» The Deets.

Cookie Craft

More 3-D Mania

If you're not sure you're ready to attempt my latest contoured cookie tricks, then here's a simpler construction that turns normal 2-D cookies into 3-D.

» Step-by-Step.


New App, Coming Soon

Now, if anything is multi-dimensional, it's my new app! I'm still in the editing phase, with hopes to release it late in June, but it's shaping up nicely with everything from step-by-step cookie projects and videos to technique tips, project sorts, and interactive commenting features. Stay tuned.

» More Info.


Cookie Connection

Yes, the cookie excitement continues with Cookie Connection, my forthcoming online cookie venture. It will be a place like no other on the Internet - a community where cookiers of all backgrounds can come together to learn, share, and celebrate the art of cookie decorating. It, too, will launch in June, fingers crossed!

» A Teaser.

Eye Candy

Spring It On!

Not spring-y enough for you? Well then, spring it on with this collection of seasonal cookies from fellow cookiers around the globe. Add your best cookie work here too.

» View the collection.


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