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In This Issue:

  • Yellow Building Anniversary: Saturday, May 12
  • #vinopiccino goes to France!
  • Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 13
  • Graduation Parties (and More!) in the Guest House

Every year, May and June tumble through the restaurant in a blur of festivities and celebrations. Between graduation parties, our anniversary, Mother’s Day, and our annual rosé fête, the wine never stops pouring, the pasta water never stops boiling, our pizzaioli never stop slinging dough, pastry chef Sarah can’t roll croissants fast enough. . . Ok, ok, that’s all a bit of an exaggeration, but it’s easy to get carried away with the energy of the season! In this months's newsletter, we are excited to share with you some reflections on where we come from, where we currently are, and where we're heading.

Happy 7th Birthday to the Yellow Building!

Looking back, it's easy to see how much Piccino has changed since we first opened. We've expanded, little by little, far beyond our initial vision of a tiny corner bistro open for coffee, lunch, and early dinners. However, we like to think that, in spite of these expansions and some surface changes, the spirit of our restaurant remains unchanged from our earliest days.

For example, even though the photo above was taken ten years ago, it still speaks truly to who we are today. The friendship, joy, and love of food that you see in this photo are still the beating heart of who we are. And we must point out that Sher's apron here is dusted in flour and Margherita's has not a drop of white flour on it. Plus ça change. . .

#vinopiccino goes to France!

Tyler Canning in a vineyard in Marsannay

One of the greatest joys of growing our restaurant has been seeing our employees grow as well. We first hired Tyler Canning as a busser and host in April of 2015. Soon after that, the wine world captured his attention. We've watched him really put in the hours needed to become knowledgable in the world of wine: when he's not sleeping, it's a safe bet that he's either studying wine or working the floor at Piccino.

This year, we sent Tyler to France with our wine director Danny DeMartini and the Source Imports. In a whirlwind ten-day trip, they traveled all over the country to visit producers in regions such as the Jura, Savoie, and Burgundy. This was Tyler's first time in France, and we're pretty sure that he almost didn't come back to California.

Tyler balances his passion and dedication with a truly friendly and humble attitude. If you see him working service, please ask him about his favorite wines on our list or some highlights from his trip to France!

Mother’s Day, Sunday, May 13th

We think that it’s no mere coincidence that Mother’s Day falls on the same weekend as Piccino’s Yellow Building anniversary this year. We have a phrase printed on all of our menus:

“Ringraziamo le nostre madri e tutti coloro che hanno guidato e sostenuto il nostro amore per la cucina!”

In English, this translates to, “We give thanks for our mothers and for all who have guided and sustained our love of cooking!” Our mothers and grandmothers are at the heart of what we do and who we are, and we welcome the chance to celebrate them on this day every year.

This Mother's Day, we’ll be serving our brunch menu from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., our snack menu from 3 to 5 p.m., and dinner from 5 to 10 p.m. Book your table by calling 415.825.4224 or on the internet through Open Table. As always, our chef’s counter and outdoor tables will be saved for walk-ins.

(Thanks to Margherita's nephew Amedeo for inspiring us all with his dedication to the serious business that is pasta!)

Book Your Graduation Parties Here!

It's graduation season! Our guest house seats up to 26 guest and provides an elegant location to celebrate all the hard work you've just put into your education. For more information or to book your party, hop on over to our website.

Our guest house patio
Inside the guest house