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Photographed by Shanna Fisher for TheWrap

Did it hurt? When you realized 2022 is just 23 days away and you’re still processing 2019 which is about to be three years ago #MindBlown. I guess time flies when you’re having fun, especially when you’re surrounded by such amazing women.

What better way to spend the end of 2021 than with the powerhouse women who helped you get through the year. From social media stars Tinx and Amelie Zilber to the stars of "Gossip Girl," "Cobra Kai" and "Reservation Dogs" – we laughed with them, cried with them and maybe even had a glass of wine with them (who are we kidding, of course we did). Or if you're photographer Shanna Fisher, you took pictures of them for our PWS Portrait Gallery, featured above.

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Next Gen Hollywood Actresses on The Importance of Maintaining a ‘Healthy Balance’

Being a young woman is difficult in general, but it's particularly hard in Hollywood. Actresses Peyton List, Jordan Alexander, Devery Jacobs, Sierra Capri and Zoey Luna spoke about how they navigate difficult moments and the one surefire thing that helps during the "Next Gen Hollywood Roundtable."

The five young women unanimously agreed that therapy is a huge factor in getting through the industry. Of course, each one also had their own personal technique on top of that.

For "Dear Evan Hansen" actress Zoey Luna it's all about connecting with her spirituality, while "Reservation Dogs" star Devery Jacobs prefers to surround herself with her family and community. "Cobra Kai's" Peyton List uses physical exercise as a way to clear her mind, whereas "On My Block" actress Sierra Capri reminds herself to take breaks from her phone and "Gossip Girl" star Jordan Alexander makes an extra effort to focus on her gut instincts. 

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Digital Influencers Come Together to Offer Advice on ‘Building Your Brand’

Yesterday I was joined by a few of my favorite social media stars -- Christina "Tinx" Najjar, Amelie Zilber, Lauren Riihimaki aka LaurDIY, Chloé Lukasiak and Lizzy Capri -- for a discussion on "Building Your Brand." From partnering with companies to balancing the demands of content creation during the COVID-19 pandemic, I learned all about what it takes to increase your online influence. 

While Chloé used the lockdown to self-reflect and find new ways to connect with her followers, Lizzy stretched her creative muscles in order to inspire people during these difficult times. 

For the more politically-minded members of the group like Amelie, who worked with the Biden administration to engage with young voters, social media provided an outlet for activism.

Similarly, during the pandemic, Tinx interviewed Dr. Anthony Fauci on TikTok. "I try to think about my content holistically, like a mini variety show if you will," she said.

The panel closed with each participant offering advice to aspiring content creators. Lauren stressed the importance of staying true to oneself and prioritizing mental well-being. "Success is driven by mental health... and the overall positivity of the community I'm building and fostering," she said.

Click here to watch my full conversation with the powerhouse creators. 

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I like Big Books and I Cannot Lie

Whether you’re looking for a good novel to curl up with on the couch this winter or trying to find the perfect gift for your book-loving niece, we’ve got you covered. On the PWS Marketplace, Verve Literary Agency’s head of publishing Liz Parker put together a list of her must reads! Below is a sneak peek at her recs.

1. "Great Circle" by Maggie Shipstead

2. "The Three Mothers" by Anna Malaika Tubbs

3. "The Perishing" by Natashia Deón

4. "We Are the Brennans" by Tracey Lange

5. "Libertie" by Kaitlyn Greenidge

Click here to head over to the PWS Marketplace for the full list.

"Lost in Space" Star Mina Sundwall Shares Advice with Aspiring Actors 

Our WrapConnect Slack community provides attendees and speakers with the opportunity to network, collaborate and learn. Each day we host live chats led by industry experts covering topics from producing and writing to acting and inclusion. Yesterday, "Lost in Space" star Mina Sundwall hosted a discussion on our #NextGenActors channel.

During the Slack chat, I asked Mina the following question and below is her response:

Q: What advice do you have for young actors? How important is going to acting school and getting an agent?

A: "I'm still learning myself so I don't know if I'm in a position to give advice just yet... but I would say that something I have learned is that there is so much material to draw from at your fingertips.... take advantage of it!!! Study the different methods and see what clicks for you, take notes on performances you love and figure out what makes you love them... There are great classes - if you can, keep trying different ones until you find one that makes your heart pitter patter. Or even learn scenes and monologues on your own for practice. There isn't a right way to do any of it but there is so much to learn from that can shape how you approach every scene you read!"

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Post-Pandemic, Content Will Remain King, Production Execs Say

During the panel "Exec Corner: Dealmakers, Deciders, Disruptors" Courtenay Valenti, president of Warner Bros. Pictures, and Laura Sher, co-general manager and executive vice president of TV operations for MGM and Epix, both agreed that audiences consume movie and TV content on new platforms due to streaming, but not necessarily because of the pandemic.

Courtenay said that trends in audience behavior were only accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic while Laura remains confident that the entertainment industry will continue to adjust to new technologies, as well as such wild-card global developments as the pandemic.

“No one wants to make predictions,” Laura said. “The only thing that I’ve found is that the industry, whatever sector, is very resilient. I mean, we sort of figured out how to produce content in the middle of a pandemic, right?"

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