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TDS Can:-

  • Secure meter removal appointments, usually within hours of instruction
  • Ensure supplier accounts are closed, final documents are raised and standing charges are terminated
  • Obtain prompt lead times for all disconnection works on application
  • Secure all appointments for both surveying and disconnection works
  • Obtain and issue all final disconnection confirmation upon completion

Representing both developers and demolition contractors, TDS have successfully coordinated meter removals and service disconnections on domestic, commercial and industrial buildings. Moreover, previous projects have ranged from individual buildings in rural locations to multi-building regeneration schemes in urbanised areas.

TDS will discuss client requirements on enquiry offering a flexible service tailored to individual circumstance. In addition to the above, and to enable TDS to provide a packaged service, TDS can attend site on behalf of clients when required. TDS have experienced increased demand for our services within this area as we endeavour to provide our clients with cost effective and time sensitive solutions.

If this service may be of interest then please contact your nearest Regional Office:

Email us at enquiries@t-d-s.com

Visit us at www.t-d-s.com