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House GOP in disarray: Border fight delays recess

House Republicans are poised to delay their August recess by one day, as they frantically scramble to pass a border security bill.

After a chaotic afternoon, which saw the GOP leadership suddenly pull their legislation from the House floor because of flagging support, lawmakers planned a Friday morning meeting at 9 a.m. to try to plot a path forward. Plans are in flux, and subject to change at any minute, aides and lawmakers warned.

Via Politco

Trey Gowdy: Clinton, Petraeus Need to Testify on Benghazi

The chairman of the Benghazi Select Committee said the panel will not give a pass to anyone in its fact-finding mission to determine what happened on Sept. 11, 2012, when four Americans, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya, were killed during a terrorist attack.

Via Newsmax

Senate passes veterans' health bill

WASHINGTON — The Senate passed a compromise bill allowing veterans to seek private care and adding $17 billion to the Department of Veterans Affairs to hire doctors to address long wait lists. The final vote in favor was 91-3.

The bill, which was rushed through before the August recess so it could be sent to President Obama, would require VA to make up $5 billion by taking it from other programs.

The House passed the compromise bill earlier this week.

Via USA Today