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Combined RTLS and Passive RFID for Inventory Management Solution

RTLS and RFID for China Steel Plant

Convergence Systems Limited delivered a custom RFID & RTLS inventory management system to speed up production and improve overall plant productivity for China Steel Structure Company.  CSL worked closely with solutions integrator Digitnexus of Shenzhen, China, to deliver a hybrid solution uniquely combining both passive and active RFID technology.

Link to Press Release for the full story

Dallas Zoo Tracks Elephants Using CSL Real Time Location System

The Dallas Zoo has received praise from zookeepers around the world for their award-winning Giants of the Savanna exhibit. This unique habitat allows elephants, giraffes, and other species to roam together freely. What’s also unique about the exhibit is the fact that the zoo is using RFID technology to track the movement of the elephants. This is the inaugural installation of Animal Performance Systems (“APS”) TangaTracker system. The solution uses the CSL RTLS (real-time-location-system) tags as ankle bracelets to track their movement. 

Link to Press Release for the full story