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15 April 2015

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Anzac Day – Banking of GMP

For the first time, the ANZAC Day public holiday is being ‘Mondayised’. This means that although the actual day – 25 April – is a Saturday this year, the public holiday will be observed on Monday 27 April 2015.

This has an impact for the banking of GMP, as Monday 27 April will not count as a ‘working day’ when determining the last day for banking GMP for the preceding week.   GMP must be banked within five working days of being calculated, and are to be calculated for successive seven-day periods, Monday – Sunday inclusive.  The last banking date for the seven-day period from Monday 20 April 2015 to Sunday 26 April 2015 will be Monday 4 May 2015.

EMS weekly reports can still be accessed as usual from 8am on the public holiday.