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#EmailWeekly №134


#EmailWeekly has always been a sandbox for us to try new ideas. We've used it to explore hybrid layout, break out of the 600px wide rule and generally dogfood the email production process.

Recently we've been thinking about how accessibility, full-width layout and modern web code can be used in email. So this week, we've gone back to just semantically marked-up content, using no CSS at all. This is how content looks just on it's own, pretty huh? Ironically, this is probably email at it's most accessible. Over the coming weeks, we're going to layer in visual design, and see what compromises we have to make as we get more "email".

If you like, you can see how we're building our new template on Github and join us on Medium.

– Elliot (@iamelliot)

p.s. Congratulations to #EmailWeekly co-curator Millie on the birth of baby $Firstname this week 👶

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