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In this month's newsletter we help you prepare your IT budget for the new financial year and we explain the basics of virtualisation and why it might work in your business.
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How should you budget for IT?
Cast your mind forward 5 years. Will we still send so many emails? Will we be satisfied with a keyboard to fill in web forms to order stuff, or use passwords to log on to secure systems? The changes in speed of access and capability will be many.

As facial recognition, voice recognition and biometrics develop, our concept of how we communicate with the machines will change. The effect of Cloud computing will drive down the cost of infrastructure and create new potential for business solutions.
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Making virtualisation work in your business
Virtualisation offers businesses a way to create a more secure, low cost IT environment, while improving productivity and efficiency.

What is virtualisation?

Virtualisation is the technology that has been quietly driving the cloud computing revolution and is now gaining recognition in its own right as a way to improve business productivity and efficiency.
Securing your network from Internet nasties
We are all pretty good at buying the security software we need for our PCs these days but it's no longer enough as we increasingly adopt mobile devices.

Today viruses are spread by email, websites, across our company networks and other more traditional methods. Yet there are some pretty simple ways to add layers of protection to our virus defences to reduce risk and improve our chances of dodging security threats.
Tip of the month
Tip of the month
Print wirelessly from your phone

Use your phone to print all your docs/images while on the go. Print documents on your way to work and then pick them up when you walk in the door, making sure you're ready for those last minute meetings.

For iPhone "Printer Pro" and for Android "Cloud Print" are both easy to use and integrate with Dropbox and your email so you can access all your files easily.
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